Keely (keelowens) wrote,

Funniest thing since the Raccoon Catapult Experiment

My BREASTS are the BREASTS of God.
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*picturing you naked with a big white beard*
hot shit, eh?
who was it that said that again?
Dave crook. He passed out on my laundry roon floor New Years Eve 2002, and when I walked in topless to get my pajamas out of the dryer, I tripped over his body, prone and drunk. Apparently, my breasts looked like the breasts of God. I think it was probably more the lighting than anything else.
yes, now i remember.
don't take this personally, but i don't really think of you having breasts... or being able to pop out babies that will feed off of them... the idea of it all is strangely funny to me...
I beg to differ. Lets have a breast off!
can i be the judge??
you have to fill up an application, man.

And God Said Let There Be Breasts, and He Begot Keely

hey keely, i tried to email you but it says your account is full, do you have a different account i can write you at?