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Hey, this is Keelz; its ten o clock on friday, and I'm going to bed. My mom went to Sweden for a month and I am babysitting the family dog, semi-legally. Her place in Hampton, Virginia is deserted, and its a crucial place to hang out - its by the beach, near the clubs and bars of Virginia Beach, and a great place to hang out with dogs. If anyone wants to go to Virginia from tomorrow (Saturday, 11) afternoon until monday afternoon afternoon; call. (301-982-4320). I won't go without homies. Actually, call me anyways. I HAVE LOST YOUR PHONE NUMBERS. The only people whose numbers I have are Sasha Baskine's, Debbie Fromstein's, Dan's my boss's and my parents', because they all left them on the machine. Otherwise, I would have called you.

Other news, from the fishtank and such. The school of neon tetras known as the buds are hurtin'; I know I've lost two, but recently I have only been able to count six at a time. They're going into hiding but I also think something is killing them, either a chemical problem in the tank, or maybe they're getting picked on by something bigger. Peppae the guppy is an idiot, Al and Sue Belsky the other guppies are lethargic. I'm keeping an eye on Genius and Depressed Catfish, as well as Henry David Thoreau, the red-tailed molly - I'm suspicious. BUT, SOMEBODY HAS PRODUCED OFFSPRING! I have no idea whose they are, but they're really cute.
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