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I need to get drunk tonight!

I spent all of Friday writing my Canine Ecologie Spectaculique Masterpiece for Animal Philosophy, and it was costly.

It is a twenty -page paper, with seven pages of figures, comparing the communication and social behavior of wolves and domestic dogs, to the purpose of determining whether the relationship between dog and man should be classified as 'symbiotic' or 'parasitic'. If anyone wants to know, I'll post an edited version. (The one I handed in is too boring - they enforce boredom in science writing. Poetry commits the ultimate evil, according to my teacher - it is AMBIGUOUS. I like him. He's a hard ass, he hates being in the philosophy department and wants to get a second PhD in neurology, so he teaches undergraduates critical biology for upper level philosophy credit, under the guise of 'special topics' classes. I find him very refreshing.)

I had to edit my pre-existing paper (23 pages, a complete mess), find, summarize, and integrate eight more articles, edit the whole thing, write a conclusion, make figures and a cover page, by five o clock on Friday. I was burnt out from five finals on Thursday, sitting down to start, and I saw a heading that I thought should be in caps letters. I didn't want to retype it all, so I tried hitting open-apple/caps lock, to see if they would all turn caps. And my computer spontaneously fried its brains. It started whirring and got alarmingly hot to the touch. So I turned it off, sat down to read hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy while i waited for it to chill out, fell asleep, and woke up at nine-thirty the next morning. Computer was OK, but I had to work on the paper from ten until one am the next morning. Worked through Gabe's party - that sucked.

I was so overwhelmed that I ended the night throwing up fruit punch and bile in the Kinko's parking lot, which was all I had consumed that day, the paper finished and safely tucked away inside the car. I spent yesterday doing nothing more strenuous than playing soccer (and other things) with Dan, and getting my dose of food coloring in the moshpit at the Gwar show. I am bruised. Today I put my finances in order. Sort of. And Christmas shopped.


quoting toby b: who's with me?
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