Keely (keelowens) wrote,


The iceland airport looks like the lunar surface. Somebody on Icelandair had the bright idea to assign me an aisle seat. Everybody in my row hated me, because I passed out at the very beginning of the flight and morphed into THE LUMP THAT BLOCKS ACCESS TO THE TOILET. I only woke up when the sun was rising over Iceland and I felt like Buzz Aldridge coming down from amphetamines. I was still tired, but the tiredness was spiked with post-coffee off-key hum and weird cramps from sleeping in an airplane seat. Lucky Sam got the window- he still hasn't fully registered his surroundings and their signifigance, we're both too sleepy. They play Ja Rule here, but the pictures of the doritos on the packs make it look like they have no flavoring.
Well, goodnight all.
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