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Now that Linear Algebra is over, dimensions have gone out of my existence. Huh, Literally. My TA was as hilarious as my professor was round. oh, oh, I wonder what will fill the void. I'm leery of this livejournal still, for anything besides stories and whatnot, but I have a subject I'm curious about, which I think is a good one for you guys because you have a mad broad range of perspectives:


(I can see it already, the ayes and the nays vying against each other . . . I'm for! . . . I'm against! . . . Pardon me I'd like to qualify . . . . SHUT UP SHUT UP gavel gavel slam slam ORDER IN THE HEAD, PLEASE). I don't really need fors and againsts with accompanying explanations (although feel hella free to post such if you are inspired), but I do need something. Thoughts would be nice. Thoughts preferable to musings preferable to opinions.

Oh, fuck it, I need advice. My butt hurts, though, so I gotta go chill in the hammock. Maybe its adjusting to the huge weight off my back now that that math class is over. (my butt)
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